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SIT TESOL Certificate Course


SIT TESOL Certificate Course is a renowned course for language teachers (to be) by World Learning® and it is built on the premises of reflective teaching and experiential learning. I enjoy training participants and learning a great deal about each course myself. I have served in 2 summer courses (2018 and 2019) before and hold the certificate myself. The course is hosted by 2 universities in Turkey (Yaşar University, Izmir, and TOBB University, Ankara).

Here are the course objectives:

By the end of the training, participants will be able to…


plan a lesson according to the frameworks provided


present new material and ensure meaning is clear to students


assess students’ progress in meeting lesson learning objectives


write clear, student-focused learning objectives


provide students with opportunity for meaningful, communicative practice use of the new material


assess his or her own teaching and make appropriate changes

Through dozens of articles and via several web sites,  I have read teaching techniques, approaches, tool-kits to keep the pace of the new generation and their needs. However, I have never inhaled such a warm, realistic educational air before. What impressed me the most is that both the trainer and the course shed light to the way we haven’t anticipated before. We have gained new terms and strategies which can demolish our own boundaries in classrooms. Teachers and students can construct new bridges.

Başak Çoşkun

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