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About Burak Aydın


My Vision

My objective in doing what I do is to help teachers have enriching teaching and learning experiences that will eventually lead to maximized learning opportunities for their learners. I see teachers as valuable individuals who have their unique cognition, skills, and attitudes, and I do my best to work alongside them as a teacher myself by facilitating their way forward. I believe effective and continuous professional development, in that sense, means beyond a buzzword, being a joyful experience that promotes well-being and quality of life for teachers, students, and educational stakeholders. I do believe working with a teacher is working with society.

My Story

I am an Instructor of English at a tertiary level English preparatory program and a teacher trainer for SIT TESOL Certificate Course. I hold MA in English Language Teaching and certificates in TESOL and teacher training. Apart from working in a General English program, I also have experience in mentoring and supervising language teachers as a trainer and a member of the professional development unit at the School of Foreign Languages. In the field of teacher education, I like publishing articles (some previous works on classroom interaction, learner differences, reflective practice), and presenting workshops/webinars at ELT conferences, INSET PD events, and various educational institutions. I also like facilitating live discussion events /boards and consulting for professional development units and organizations.

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