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A Course on Learner-Centered Teaching


Burak Aydın

Teacher Trainer, Lecturer




Reflective Practice Groups

I like facilitating and attending Reflective Practice Groups (RPGs), which is defined by Distad and Brownstein (2004: 2) as “a particular way for teachers to regularly and systematically reflect on their practice in a supportive, collegial environment free from evaluation”. I appreciate the versatility of these groups which can take the forms of reading groups, action research groups, teachers cycles, and online meeting groups. In these meetings, teachers can discuss various topics and adopts different ways of development. I have facilitated one RPG for my dissertation in 2020 and now attending online, monthly RPG meetings myself. I am always open to any RPG invitation!

My Story

I am an Instructor of English at a tertiary level English preparatory program and a teacher trainer for SIT TESOL Certificate Course. I hold MA in English Language Teaching and certificates in TESOL and teacher training. Apart from working in a General English program, ...

What My
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Dana Lemon


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